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"If Your Walls Could Talk" Wall Art & Home Decor Blog

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Welcome to our Wall Art & Home Decor blog, Friends!

If your walls could talk, what would they say?

Do they tell any stories about your behind-closed-doors real, authentic self? Do they quietly or boldly remind you and your guests where you want to go, who you want to be, what brings you joy or what your comfort zones are all about?

We want to help you make your home representative of you and your family…your past, present and future, simply by focusing on what your walls have to say. If you’re anything like us, your life is always in flux…and ya know what? Your walls don’t have to be stagnant either. Sometimes ‘forever’ pieces that are simply there for sentimental reasons look refreshed after you’ve popped them in the basement for a while, or tried them out in a different room.

There are so many ways to reflect different moods, seasons, vibes…and maybe even the occasional decorating trend or the wall art you chose for you home. Bottomline, if your walls could talk, we want them to speak volumes about what is important to YOU in the most sacred space of all…your home.

Why did we start a Wall Art & Home decor blog, anyway?

We have been designers in the wall decor industry for over a decade, having our artwork sold everywhere from mom and pop shops to the big box stores and online at multiple top wall decor e-retailers. Our breadth of designs have also been licensed by top manufacturers of jigsaw puzzles, mugs, tee shirts, decorative blankets and rugs, and many other hard and soft goods. We’ve ‘been in the biz’ to see a zillion wall decor trends come and go, driven by what manufacturers believe will be hot in the next season. Some of these themes are wildly successful, while others don’t seem to catch fire as expected. Seen it all? Yup!

During this time, we created a collection of thousands of wall art designs that can be defined as nothing less than eclectic. Everything from modern abstracts to urban art to modern farmhouse just to name a few…because we don’t really believe in focusing on a ‘brand look’ or one particular trend or vibe. To us, that would be inwardly focused, and would not achieve our longstanding goal of helping our customers express themselves in their homes in their own unique ways. Creating “designs with a positive vibe” has always been our motto, and we realize that what one person finds to be an ‘oh yeah, that’s perfect’ design may be not quite right for someone else.

That’s the reason we decided to create this wall art & home decor blog. To share our knowledge of the wall decor industry, some things to think about when selecting wall art, and some of the basics about what design styles are out there in the wall decor universe that might resonate with you. We’d love to be a part of your continuous journey of creating a home space that really represents you.

What Brings Us Joy?

First, to get to know us a little better and what brings us joy, here’s a quick summary: photography, travel, all realms of design, cool vintage finds, and most important of all…THE BEACH! Both Kellie and I have been connected to the coast our entire lives…from Sanibel Island to the Jersey Shore and all along the East Coast. We both currently reside in coastal New England towns. The beach is our happy place, and we both really resonate with all things coastal. So we thought we’d launch our blog with a collection of designs from the coastal places nearest and dearest to our hearts, and in upcoming posts, chat a bit about the different types of coastal wall art designs that you will find out there, so you can get a feel for what vibe you’d like to create in your home. And that’s just the surface of our wall decor wave!

Sooooo…If Nancy’s Walls Could Talk, they’d say:

Jersey Girl! Once you have the Garden State in your soul, it sticks to you like a bathing suit on a hot summer day. Some of Nancy’s favorite childhood memories include going “Down the Shore” to Long Beach Island as a kid, stuffing her face with Oreos fresh from Nabisco’s ‘broken cookie factory’ and watching her father and uncle dive bomb kites at dusk on the beach. As a teenager, she headed to multiple friends houses in different towns along the Jersey shore, listening to Springsteen and making incredible memories.

As a nod to her love of going Down the Shore:

Nancy washed ashore on Cape Cod as a thirty-something, hearing all about how great the Cape was from a friend at work. That recommendation quickly blossomed into years of renting cottages in different towns and eventually putting down roots. For her, the best thing about the Cape is….everything! The down-to-earth people, the quality of the light, the constant discovery of hidden gem ocean and bay beaches, salt marshes and ponds, the wildlife (turkeys and rabbits and coyotes…oh my!), the solitude of winter walks on the beach…and of course, a summertime ice cream cone or two.

Oh…and let’s not forget:

The incredible dunes on the Outer Cape...

The beach paths lined with fencing that directs you right toward heaven...

The Outer Beach surfers...Beach boy dreamin'...

The magic of what you can find awaiting you right around the bend along the shore...

And of course, one of the top 10 beaches in the entire United States, Coast Guard Beach...

And if Kellie’s walls could talk, they’d say:

This chick is ever changing! Fickle in clothing, hairstyles, wall décor, etc., her love for always evolving styles and design changes as fast as an ocean breeze. The exception to the rule are family, friends & FUN...that’s always in the picture, front and center.

Her discovery of Southern Rhode Island and Sanibel Island, Florida, go back decades and

remind her of the quote by Mr. Darcy;

“You have bewitched me body & soul. And I love…I love…I love you. I never wish to be parted from you.”

Very much so.

Sooo, Kellie’s coastal walls would say: laughter, travel, beachy vintage, cheeky humor and gorgeous coastal vistas & colors.

Like...frolicking on the sand...

Singin' the blues...

Let's wake up to summer sunshine every day of the year...

Be ready for a good time...anytime.

Castaway to another shore...

Beach lovers unite!

Row, row, row your boat...

But, hey...check back next week! To paraphrase Alice, 'I’ll be a different person by then'.

Getting to Know You

We look forward to hearing from you over the coming months (and years)! Please reach out with any topics you'd like us to cover, and what is important to you when selecting wall decor for your home. In the meanwhile, our next few posts will highlight some of the art styles within the Coastal design world.

Stay Sunny xoxo

Talk soon,

Nancy and Kellie

Graffi*tee Studios

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