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Sparkle up Your Dream Home with a Splash of Trending Pink Wall Art

Updated: 6 days ago

Thanks to the Barbie mania that has broken box office records this summer...It's a hot pink world at the moment, and we're all just living in it. While the iconic pink doll has once again seized her moment, has she ever really gone away?

As NatGeo suggests, could pink indeed be the earth's oldest color? Time and again we revisit this lovely hue in all its shades and permutations. It has changed over the course of time to represent everything from unconditional love and youthful coquettish femininity to political declarations.

It's easy to write off the color as silly and puerile, and yet being as old as the ages, it is also represented in the most beautiful iterations in nature. Think Roseate Spoonbills, Flamingos and countless other bird species, flowers and fruits, sea shells & corals, salts and sands, pet pigs, multifaceted jewels and get the pink picture.

For the most part, pink is a sweet, happy color. As they say in the movie, "To live in Barbieland is to be a perfect being in a perfect place." We'd cordially invite you to remember that YOU ARE PERFECT each and every day, with some ideas about adding a splash of fun and bubbly pink pigments to your walls. Sparkle Up Your Dream Home today with some trending perfectly pink wall art.

Catch the Wave of Malibu Pink

It's all about that pink, 'bout that purple. Catch the wave of Malibu pink wall decor with these pops of Barbie-esque pinkdom:

Literally the perfect way to sparkle up your dream home...or keep things popping with pink til you land in that magical place, this wall decor is sure to make any room well-heeled!

In Barbie's world, "Every night's girls night...forever and ever." If you're livin' that same vibe, let your walls speak truth to girl power!

Nobody visits Barbie-land without a pair of rollerblades! Complete with Malibu pink wheels, the wall art in this dreamy room shouts, 'let's escape from the real world.'

Those hot Malibu pink lips of another (real life) icon will remind you that behind every iconically beautiful, strong woman could be that very same woman struggling to find herself in this great big world.

Trending pink wall art:

From Preppy to Peppy

If there's one color combo that stands out in the Barbie movie it's pink and green...the iconic coastal vibe that spans the decorating world from Lily Pulitzer to Lacoste. Here are some wall art designs that run the gamut from preppy to peppy. The colors can span from coast to coast, with shades of pink, green and everything in between:

A splash of coastal pink and green preppiness...perfect for any home from Chatham, Cape Cod, to the Yupper East Side of Manhattan to the homes of La Jolla...

...Or the tickled-pink posh homes of Long Island (or any other location you choose).

Heading to the Sunshine State, here are some Florida pinks to brighten up any decor:

Deep pinks...and buttery yellow.

Or a more coral infused, earthy Floridian pink.

For a little more pep, add some wall art with splashes of pink, yellow and aqua that can work in any room, anywhere.

Bold spring sunshine cherry blossom pink is even happier on a soft pink wall.

Pep up your work space to keep you focused during a 2:00 meeting with a burst of poppiness!

And for a mega dose of peppy color, include some Malibu pink...(and maybe some Malibu rum)

Whisper Soft Beachy Pinks

We love the quiet tones as much as we do the bold and sassy ones!:

This wall art design is easily customizable to your happy place...just reach out to us for info.

Sprinkle sunset pinks all over your boudoir for a satifyingly soft slumber.

The combo of soft pink and coral in this classic oceanic botanical wall art is one of our favorites, and works well with just about any decorating style. It's shown here with some modern sculptural pieces.

Whether you're waiting for your ship to come in, or just vibing with the Coastal Grandma feel of the room, this print will give any space a timeless, serene misting of pink.

For a tropical splash of pink, here's a palm tree with a cotton candy sky ready to cozy up a favorite get-awayfrom-it-all nook.

Don't be jelly of these deep sea jelly fish prints. They can add some elegant, captivating motion to any space.

Joy, charm and beauty emanate from these whispers of pink with a coastal flair.

Your room will feel like it's getting a gentle hug of pinkness from one of our favorite flowers, the peony.

Perfectly ballerina pink wall art that's a great reminder to dance wherever and whenever you get the chance...great for a baby's nursery, a she shed, or any room that will be enhanced by this sweet reminder.

We hope you enjoyed imagining how you can incorporate some perfect pinks into your dream home.

Talk soon...

Stay Sunny-


Kellie and Nancy

Graffi*tee Studios

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