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Just like a good spring cleaning, we always feel like fall is a wonderful time to dust off the wall art that’s been hanging all summer (all year...all decade...), and think about warming up the mood like an apple crisp autumn day!

When you were younger, creating a fabulous fall look in your home might have meant putting up cardboard cut outs of pumpkins, witches and ghosts, oh my! But now that you’re an authentic-for-realsies adult, or a boomer with kids/grandkids who are old enough not to care about making your home look like a haunted house inside and out, it’s time to fall into dressing up your walls with some stylish artwork that can grace your home from the start of the school year well into Thanksgiving season…until another refresh hits.

let's Harvest the feelings of fall wall art

What does autumn look and feel like to you? Are you lucky enough to live in a region where the leaves change to exquisite fiery reds and golden hues, where you can hike through the ochre shaded woods to gaze at nature’s splendor from the top of a mountain peak? Does your region of the world hold harvest festivals and fairs complete with candied apples and hard cider? Is there a local farm nearby with a petting zoo where you can feed the goats after picking up some gourds to display outside...just so you can squash any rumors that you don’t adore this season?

Another fall fave could be going apple picking with the kids or friends and enjoying some cider donuts after all your hard work. Or…maybe autumn is just a place mark until the day you get to put on a costume and dance to the Monster Mash at your friend’s annual Halloween party. If 'Halloween season' stirs up a love/hate relationship with your sensibilities, how about focusing on the autumnal feel of throwing on your favorite chunky sweater and worn-in boots, and dreaming about an inviting fall landscape that practically begs you to sit and daydream.

We have been blessed to enjoy all of the great memories depicted above...and would also add in the call of the gridiron, knowing that fun family smack-talking about rival teams will be blowing in like an autumn nor'easter. Have we conjured up enough memories, tastes and emotions to start painting a picture of what fall means to you? Great! Then we’re ready to take a look at some autumn wall art we’ve cultivated to get you in the mood for all the warm and cozy feels that fall can bring to you and the walls of your home.

Persimmon TONES TO WARM UP YOUR WALLs and welcome the 2024 color of the year

These first two fall wall art designs have a light, crisp airiness to them, while still pulling in the persimmon flavor that is the Sherwin-Williams 2024 paint color of the year. This warm, fruity hue is sure to be on-trend in home decor and interior design elements alike.

Barn in a field wall art.
Cultivate this tawny landscape for a change of seasons inside!

Earthy greens, blacks and browns

The autumnal color palette is much broader than persimmon and golden hues. Think deep olive and pine green tones, and the dark chocolate browns of a forest trail. And as we learned years ago in interior design class, the use of a bit of black in a room is grounding, and adds an element of sophistication to any space.

Let's look at some autumnal-toned wall art featuring warm browns and greens:

Some elegant blacks for a designer Halloween celebration:

Along with a black, white and gray photographic collage wall art design direct from Salem, MA:

Warm Up the Landscapes in Cooler Weather

Let's dive in deeper to see how swapping out your artwork can really change up the feel of a room, and reflect the emotion and color palette of the new season on the walls of your home. Check out this first lifestyle image, featuring a coastal wall decor design with cool aquas and blues, perfect for a wanderlust summertime energy.

And voila, the same room with an autumn scene casts golden hues, amber tones and earthy greens to warm the space right up...without change anything but the wall art.

Bringing in the colorful blooms of late summer can still brighten our days in the fall:

Autumnal line art floral wall art.
Dazzling floral magenta and mustard show off and show up on these walls.

Or a more traditional transition into autumnal tones works just as well:

Rustic Barns that Evoke Autumn

Barns are an iconic symbol associated with plentiful fall harvests, providing shelter to animals, and of course, the color red. You may ask...why red? We love dropping some bonus science education into our home decor info, so here goes. Back in the day, farmers often used linseed oil to paint/seal their barns. This orange-tinged oil, along with other materials like lime and milk, were often combined with ferrous oxide...a.k.a. rust. Rust was critical for killing moss and fungus, and it also worked as a sealant. Adding ferrous oxide to the orange-hued mix created the 'barn red' that we know and LOVE to this day. Science class is now over, so

let's take a look at a variety of barns in tones that evoke the call of autumn, in rusty reds...

...vintage vibe black and white...

...sunny, museum-worthy rustic reds...

...and warm vanilla-crisp whites.

This trio of fall wall art designs gathers the best of farm life, country living and coastal charm of yesteryear:

And we would certainly be remiss if we didn't add in these farm fresh wooly pals:

Broaden your vision of FALL WALL ART

In this wall decor post, we hope we have conveyed that your seasonal fall wall art does not always need to reflect falling leaves or hay-hued harvests. You can absolutely evoke all the good feels of warmth and coziness simply by choosing colors that create that sensation for you:

Deep blues, blacks and plum:

Crisp, airy parchment-tones:

Copper parchment colored botanical fern wall art.
Simple toasty copper prints add the perfect accent color to almost any room.

Sage and olive greens:

Dusty pinks:

And of course, brilliant scarlet red:

Earthy Coastal Wall Art that Can Work Year-Round

As you know from our earlier blog posts, we are Coastal souls, so for us, no autumn wall art blog would be complete without a few fall ocean vistas...

Abstract landscape or seascape olive, sage and chestnut wall art.
Abstract land(or sea)scape in olive, sage and chestnut for a more modern spin on the season.

Thanks for taking a walk with us through some great autumnal wall art. We hope it will give you inspiration to warm up your walls throughout the fall. And now we're off to make some apple crisp...

Stay Sunny


Talk soon,

Kellie and Nancy

Graffi*tee Studios

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