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Coastal Grandma Decor: From Tik Tok Roots to Global Trend

Whether you’re digging the Coastal Grandmother, Coastal Granddaughter, Coastal Grandmillenial, Coastal Cowgirl or Coastal Surfer Girl vibe, these decorating and fashion trends have been all the buzz these last few years. The thing is, the original Coastal Grandma decor has really been around since before your grandma planted her first hydrangea garden. So whether you’re a coastal grandma, a coastal grandmillenial, etc. or simply a coastal dreamer, let’s explore some elements of these classic takes on the “everything old is new again” Granny Coastal Chic interior design trends, and how can you create its easy, breezy but sophisticated energy on the walls of your home.

Something’s Gotta Give, Grandma!

Can you still picture the house in Nancy Meyer’s movie, Something’s Gotta Give, that came out in 2003…and maybe even wish you could live in a place like that? We were not particular fans of Diane Keaton’s summertime turtlenecks, but the house depicted in that movie is the ULTIMATE in Coastal Grandma design, and has always held a warm and welcoming place in our hearts and dreams! So let’s chat about some elements of Coastal Grandma decor and it’s related trends, and how you can incorporate some wall art designs into your rooms to reflect it’s timeless, serene elegance…whether you catch the salty vibe from the porch of your seaside McMansion, or from the city fish market down the block.

Coastal Grandma wall art:

Colors are All about Nature

Let’s get real…Grandma knew what she was talkin’ about! She knew the importance of bringing the natural world inside her home. Fresh blueberries turned into muffins and jam, served with freshly-squeezed lemonade. Flowers lovingly gathered from the garden. Found objects like driftwood, rocks or seashells on display after a morning walk along the shore. Coastal Grandma decor and wall art bring all those tastes, smells and sights that come from coastal nature...right into your home.

The Coastal Grandma color palette is light & breezy seaside. Soft, airy white or cream walls and furniture are the mainstays, while crisp navy serves just as an accent color, along with lighter tones from nature that we’ll discuss below. Watery blues, greens and grays also appear in this trend. Think natural vs. nautical. Here are some samples of wall decor that work well with that freshly updated navy, bluesy and white or creamy Coastal Grandma palette:

Bring some dashes of aqua to your bright and welcoming Coastal Grandma home with this perennial wall art fave...the row boat!

This gauzy, grassy and breezy feeling wall art is right at home in a simply natural-toned room:

Beach path and beach grass wall art in Coastal Grandma decor style room.
Meander along a beachside path with subtle tones of sky blue and soft-washed greens.

For a slightly more colorful piece of wall decor that still works well in a Coastal Grandma home, beach fences can provide that classic, perfect touch in a kitchen...or any other room:

Light and airy art and decor make a serene retreat for the Coastal Grandma vibe:

Brightman's Way coastal wall art in Coastal Grandma decor style bedroom.
Sweet coastal dreams.

A Natural with Light Woods & Fibers

Coastal Grandma style of decor blends all of these natural elements and textures, but with a light and airy touch. Instead of the mahogany woods and darker-wickers of prior generations, this updated design trend creates more of a relaxed, comfortably refined coastal vibe, with light bleached or white-washed woods, some watery blues, and even touches of gold. Here are some samples of artwork that works well with the natural fibers and light woods of Coastal Grandma decor.

Watery blues reflected in sea and sky compliment the light, natural wood tones of Coastal Chic design:

A wicker stool and white accents with sea-swept light gray tones on the walls and floor are complemented by the subtle greens and blues of this wall art piece:

You can also stay true to a simple white on white palette with a wall decor canvas like this "Life by the Sea" design. Ooh, la la! Notice all the natural textures in the room that cozy up the space:

It's easy to "Drift Out to Sea" with these aquas and blues, still within the Coastal Grandma vibe, but the wall art here adds a balance to the pops of blue in the pillows, chairs and decorative mouldings:

Flowers and Citrus: The Comforts of a Coastal Home

Okay, we’re not just talking hydrangeas here, but of course, Coastal Grandmothers are known for growing their own! Think beyond hydrangeas to farmers market or seaside garden florals, updated chinoiserie ginger jars, maybe a bowl of lemons on the kitchen counter ready to be squeezed into an Arnold Palmer. That’s the Coastal Grandma life! Intersperse some timeless elements like some family heirlooms that add a pop of gold to the room, and you’ve got the perfect formula for a feeling of warm coastal luxe. Here’s how you can dress up your walls to tie everything together:

A serene Coastal Grandma wall art floral with the gentle shades of Mother Nature's palette:

This blue and white wall art is the chic Coastal Grandma's re-mix on those classic Chinoiserie ginger jars:

Chinoiserie ginger jar wall art in Coastal Grandma decor style home.
A fresh and elegant take on a true classic. Never out of style.

Okay...we know you really wanted to see a pop of these beauties in an otherwise monochromatic space:

The gentle gold tones in this piece add a touch of coastal elegance to this quiet space:

Coastal Grandmillenial & Granddaughter: The Colorful Side of Granny Chic

Just like a popular tv show or book that you never want to end, sometimes design trends end up having a spin-off or two, and the Granny Chic aesthetic is no exception! Welcome to the Coastal Grandmillenial (and also Granddaughter etc.) vibe, where the colors tend to be more intense than Coastal Grandma, and the designs utilize a wider color palette. Think more ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ vibe with florals and geometric design usually incorporated, but now they feel a bit more fresh in their flair.

The spaces and colors tend more toward energizing than relaxed. Coastal Grandmillenial style still keeps the feel timeless and welcoming, leaning more eclectic than traditional, but packing a bit more punch. With bolder wallpapers, maybe throwing in a unique chandelier or some modern antiquities, all work to elevate the space. Together, it’s aged to coastal perfection, just like grandma and her famous sangria shared on the beach at sunset..Cheers to our Coastal Grandmillenials & Granddaughters! What’s up on these walls?

Creamy and dreamy blues blend together in this unique Coastal collage design. The wall art adds movement to an otherwise serene room:

Find your true north with a trio of navy blues that complement the natural finish wood and wicker in this Coastal Millennial dining room:

This lighthouse print will coastal chic-up your space 'til you find the time to white-wash Grandma's old desk:

Coastal Millennial design comes in all shapes and sizes, like this cozy light canvas loveseat with green accent pillows. A wall art canvas like this aqua row boat by the shore can work to tie it all together.

Coastal Cowgirl & Surfer Girl: Coastal Style with a Side of Wild

And lastly, the Coastal Cowgirl & Surfer Girl deserve their own mentions for the cool factor they bring to the table. Whether it’s a blend of vintage surf boho or cool Coastal Cowgirl fashion, the eye for style spills over into the home space with brasses, woods and earthy browns, and just the right pop of grey/blues, greens and even blacks! Throw in some faded or bleached denim and a hint of leather and you’ve hit on perfection. These styles have great legs and they know it!

Coastal Cowgirl

This wall art canvas is the perfect pairing! With a wood-like treatment on the design that blends Coastal and Cowgirl, the rustic bench and the mandatory faux cow hide rug, this room represents!:

Rope 'em and ride 'em! We're talking about the waves...(and maybe a surfer or two!):

Red pick up truck and surfboard wall art in a Coastal Cowgirl decor bedroom.
A rustic red surf truck in a neutral room blends the essences of Coastal Cowgirl & Surfer Girl with just the right kick.

For a more sophisticated blend of Coastal meets Cowgirl, this grouping of wall art prints can elevate any space:

Surfer Girl

Picture yourself in this soothing, perfectly Surfer Girl space. The wall art and other design elements bring that Coastal Chic vibe to this nook in a quiet, sunset moment sort of way.

Surfer riding a wave at sunset wall art in Coastal Grandmillennial room.
Enjoy your first cup o Joe dreaming of Dawn Patrol with this gauzy Surf print.

For a bit more fun and ramped up blues and creamy yellows to add motion to an otherwise staid space:

And one more wave of Coastal calm in this final Surfer Girl dreamy design:

Why are these styles so wildly popular?

Hmmm…who wouldn’t love a cozy living space filled with flowers, soothing colors and elements directly from nature's earth, sea and sky? Life is hectic, and if you read or listen to the news on a daily basis, things can sometimes feel pretty out of control. Stepping into a Coastal Grandma style room, no matter where you or your Grandma have lived, may just bring a little peaceful, safe and timeless energy to your home. Riffing off the main OG and yet creating a brand-new personal home space with your very own individualized touches, you just might start the next buzzy coastal trend!! Now sit back and relax, brew up a pot of sun tea, add some lemon, and…

Stay Sunny


Talk soon,

Kellie and Nancy

Graffi*tee Studios

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